Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

Winners of the 2014 Scavenger Hunt and $1000!

What is PAWWSH?

PAWWSH is being organized through UNI students and is based on GISHWHES. It stands for Panther's Annual World Wide Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt will be held once a year through UNI, based on submissions from everyone, young and old, who want to undertake this hunt. Items on the list are based on amazing and sometimes life-changing activities that will bring smiles and laughter throughout the Cedar Valley and then to the world! Besides bringing these core values into peoples lives we also want to help out those who have continuously given their time and talent to help others. We will have items on the list that will involve totally random acts of kindness that you will pass on to others. Each student involved with PAWWSH will have fun and gain valuable leadership experience. If you are interested in becoming a member or just want to come to a meeting to see what we are all about, contact or visit us!


Want to win a thousand bucks, Cupcake?

  • Entry costs $10.
  • The event will run from October 9th at midnight and continue until October 13th at midnight.
  • Download our Hunting Guidelines and Registration Rules:
  • Read through them carefully and turn them in and pay before October 5th!
  • Sign Up on this page!
  • Payment can be made any time after signing up.
  • Go solo or get a group together of up to 10 people with a team name.
    Make sure it's spelled exactly the same!

How Does the Scavenger Hunt Work?

  • A list is released at midnight on start day.
  • There will be dozens of items that will need to be submitted as either images or video through Google Drive.
  • Each item is worth a set amount of points. Judges will grade each submission based on how close it reaches the purpose of the item.
  • If your team completes the most items worth the most points, your team wins the prize money ($1000!)

Upcoming Sign Up Events

  • Monday, September 29th from 11 - 1pm Maucker Union - PAWWSH Sign-Up
  • Tuesday, September 30th from 11 - 1pm Maucker Union - PAWWSH Sign-Up
  • Wednesday, October 1st from 3:30pm - until Ice cream is out (first come first served) outside of Maucker Union - Ice Cream Social

Sign Up

You're All Signed Up! Now...

  • Read the email that was sent to the email you provided.
  • Pay either through PayPal , at one of our tabling events on Monday September 29th from 11:00 to 1:00pm, Tuesday September 30th from 11:00 to 1:00pm, Wednesday October 1st starting at 3:30 and ending when ice cream runs out, OR by visiting Heidi Noonan-Day at Curris Business Building 245.
  • Print and sign the Hunter Guidelines and email them to, slip it under her door, or give them to one of our personnel who is tabling.

Previous Event Pictures

These pictures represent some of the acts of kindness and fun that have been done in previous years. They are representative of items that can be expected to be found on the list.

Princess looking for a ride.
Firefighter being apart of the Hunt.
Hunter donating to Goodwill!
Hunter delivering pie to a firefighter.
People making PAWWSH with themselves, one of the items to complete from the Hunt.
Hunters dressed up for one of the items on the Hunt.
Chalking for PAWWSH.
PAWWSH being silly.
PAWWSH advertising.
Random acts of encouragement on Twitter.
Neat banner for life.
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So You're Lookin' For More Info...

Our Fearless Leader (pictured) is Heidi Noonan-Day. For more information on PAWWSH, The Hunt, meeting information, or anything else, contact her at:
or pay her a visit at Curris Business Building 245.

Additional contacts if you have any questions:

Abbey Dentel - Co-President -
Kaylea Venz - Co-President -
Brandon Henn - Vice President -
Emily Sigwarth - Treasurer -
Morganne Murphy - Secretary -
Ben Sampica - IT Dude -

Balloon Girl